Diplast uPVC Electrical Pipes

Diplast uPVC Electrical Pipes

We are one of the leading and biggest uPVC Electrical Conduits & accessories manufactures of North India. Rigid PVC Conduits Confirming to Indian Standards.

DIPLAST Rigid PVC Conduits are manufactured in accordance with Bureau of Indian standard specification IS 9537(Part 3) in the range of 20mm to 50mm with light, medium, and heavy ranges.

All the above Pipes are available in the standard length of 3 meters only.

Easy Wiring
Diplast conduits have smooth interior walls which help in reduced friction thus helping in easy wiring.

Easy installation
Diplast rigid uPVC conduits can be shaped & joined without difficulty. DIPLAST pipes are joined by solvent cement which is simpler, cheaper & easier.

Diplast rigid uPVC electrical conduit has high mechanical strength that is attested by tests conducted as specified IS 9537(part 3) of 1983. Hence they can be used both in open /surface and concealed installation.

No Maintenance
DIPLAST Conduits need no maintenance due to their excellent weathering properties.

Diplast Rigid electrical conduit lasts for a year.

High Corrosion Resistance
DIPLAST Rigid uPVC Conduits are non-corrosive by nature and are not attached by corrosive, salty atmosphere & excessive humidity. They are immune to chemical and galvanic corrosion .hence they are ideal electrical Conduits.

DIPLAST Rigid PVC Conduits do not support combustion and when the source of ignition is removed they are self-extinguishing hence they are safer than other pipes.