Platinum with Foam Insulated: 5 Layers

Platinum with Foam Insulated: 5 Layers

Diplast Has Introduced Anti Bacterial 5 Layer Platinum + Foam Tank. It Conforms To International Standard Of Hygiene. The Recommended Additives Of The Tank Gives Following Features To It:
* Avoids High Formation Of Bacterial Growth

* Increases Tank Life

* Water Stays Odourless

* Insulation- Resistant To Outside Temperature In Summer / Winter.

* Better Quality Of Water Means Better Health Of You And Your Family.

These Water Tanks are available in the following capacities and sizes :

S.No Capacity Dia (cms) Height (cms)
1 500 Ltr. 85 100
2 750 Ltr. 99 108
3 1000 Ltr. 102 130

DIPLAST high-quality range of Water Tanks are:

Rust Proof Light Weight Triple, Four & Five-layer Tanks have the following unique properties White innermost surface
Leak-Proof Hygienic Heat Insulation Dust particles can be easily spotted & cleaned
Easy to Clean Maintenance Free Rigidity Water remains hygienic
Easy to Install Durable & Economical Impact Strength -
Molded for seamless looks Reduced operational costs Recommended for all application in cold & hot regions -