Diplast Portable Toilet

Diplast Portable Toilet

These Toilets Blocks comprises of 4, 6, 8 Toilets on a single platform that have Male/ Female/Men Urinals fitted depending upon the requirement of the customer. Ready to use Public Toilet Block is suitable for mounting on a single Platform/ plain ground. The public Toilet shall be fabricated at the factory side. The public toilet is manufactured by using the roto-moulded process for superstructure and base, as per the detailed specifications given below:


The Toilet is made from LLDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) panel supported over MS Structure.
The floor is finished suitably with an Aluminium Chequered Plate.
Size: External- 3’-6” X3’-6” X6’-6” (LXWXH).

The shape of the toilet is octagonal.

The roof is made of dome type shape moulded along with Toilet, so that water automatically drips.

The walls of the toilet are made of LLDPE material of one-piece moulded minimum of 9 mm thick.

Base Frame:
The toilet block is mounted on a base Angle frame placed above Natural ground level, which can be grouted in the soil below ground about 6ft.
A special handle is provided on two sides of the toilet block for easy shifting, loading & unloading the whole block.

1no of Door are provided for entry. The door of the toilet is 8 mm thick & its size is 6’x 2’-1/2’’approximate with an MS angle frame.
The door panel outward opening type with a single leaf closing panel.

Water Storage Tank:
Minimum 150 Litres Rectangular LLDPE water storage tank, is provided with cover and suitable locking arrangement of water tank
with portal structure/walls and making necessary holes for inlet, outlet and overflow pipes, the tank kept 1500mm above the floor.

Internal work:
Exposed on the wall with 20mm nominal outer dia. Pipes of PP-R and bibcock of approved quality and colour with 15mm nominal bore.
Wash Basin – 1 Nos.
Bib Cock – 2Nos
Angle Cock -Nos
Wastage Pipe -1Nos
Waste Pipe- 1Nos.
Male urinals
Male toilet
Female Toilet
Drainage Pipe