Diplast Portable Waterless Urinals

Diplast Portable Waterless Urinals

Now, DIPLAST has come with waterless Urinals, which do not require water for flushing & sanitation. They save money & help protect valuable natural resources i.e. water. If we use this technology then we can save on average 75,700 to 1, 70,000 Liters of water per urinals per year.

How do they work?

Urine flows down the bowl of the urinals passes through a strainer, and then passes through a sealing Liquid, specially designed oil-based fluid & passes through the waste pipe below. Urine flows into traps, passes through sealant liquid that floats above urine & seals the odor.

Features: Applications
Waterless Commercial Building
Odorless sanitary Industry
Touch-free Military
No flush meter Airport
No valve repair Hospitals
Reduce Vandalism Offices
No pressure requirements Schools and collages
Reduced risk exposure simplest installation no overflows Parks, Rest stops, Playgrounds
No deodorized needed Sport & Recreational Facilities, Camps
Upgraded facility Portable Applications

Diplast Waterless Urinals

The Diplast is engaged in the continuous pursuits of innovation and adaption. Diplast has a commitment to protect and preserve our water resources while at the same time creating and sustaining social values for our natural environment.


  1. The dry urinals surface is liquid repellent and hostile to bacteria.
  2. The seal layer is replenished with 90 ml at about 1500 use intervals. (i.e. on average 2 times a month in a school)
  3. Task Time: 20 sec
  4. The trap retains sediments and acts as a filter. It is easily replaced one to six times a year according to traffic.
  5. Task time 3-4 min.
  6. Trap inserts are the most economical on the market today.
  7. Using a seal guarantees the proper functioning of the system and adds a pleasant restroom fragrance.
  8. Diplast ordinary Portable Urinals