Diplast Rain Water Harvesting System

Diplast Rain Water Harvesting System

Prosperity is controlled by water. It is one of the major components of the human body. It also covers 75 percent area of the earth. Water, on one hand, can support and preserve life, while on the other hand, it can be fatal destroy life if not properly handled. The rainfall that is the major source of water is not evenly distributed throughout the year due to which during the monsoon period, there is surplus water, which goes as a waste in the form of surface run directed towards rainwater harvesting especially during the rainy season.


Rainwater harvesting system has been introduced by the leading manufacturers of famous “’ DIPLAST’’ brand Rigid PVC pipes & Water Storage Tanks. Such harvesting systems have become the need of the hour for effective utilization of rainwater to overcome the present-day water crisis.

Ground Water Recharging (Charge into Under Ground for Withdrawl)

A recent study shows that the groundwater level is depleting alarmingly due to excessive tapping of underground water. The pace of development ever-increasing population in urban areas has led to the overexploitation of available water resources. Therefore, artificial recharge is very essential.

Rainwater Harvesting offers the following benefits

  1. It also migrates the problems of the farmers of lowering the tubewell bore again and again where groundwater level frequently goes down.
  2. It helps in utilizing the primary source of water and prevents the runoff from going to waste
  3. It reduces flooding in urban states
  4. It improves the vegetation cover
  5. It enhances the timely availability of groundwater
  6. It raises the water levels in well and bore wells that are drying up.
  7. It reduces soil erosion as the surface runoff is reduced.
  8. It helps in saving energy as a one-meter rise in water level saves about 0.40 kWh of electricity while lifting the groundwater.